We’ll provide full-length answers later.). (Note: We also encourage you to study Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty for guidance). Although exciting, it can be really daunting as an applicant as you each medical school interviews differently so you don’t know what to expect. You decide that you want to talk to Michael about this. Medical ethics will quickly become part of your life upon gaining a place at medical school, but an appreciation of modern medical ethics is also a necessary tool for your medical school interview, as you will undoubtedly encounter ethical questions. What excites you about medicine in general? Grad schools have gotten creative in their evaluation of potential candidates. Here are the most common questions for the traditional interview. Why don’t you want your parents to know? Our admissions experts know what it takes it get into med school. Have you an alternative career plan? Enter the room and have a discussion with the patient. Medical schools differ in their approach to the interview process. These will consist of, ‘questions, situations and dilemmas’ which require no previous medical knowledge, and the whole process will take approximately 45 minutes. Give me an example of a time when you were on a team and it didn’t work out. Your mother is opposed to this idea whereas your father supports her decision. Types of Medical School Interviews. Tell me about your greatest academic achievement and why. This is not officially tested in MMIs, but understanding the basics of healthcare systems will help give you context for your answers, especially in ethics-related scenarios. (It’ll be with different partners; you won’t be working with the same person twice). How would you handle this situation? MMI interviews allow schools to get a more holistic understanding of how you think. You are partners for a group project but notice that she hasn’t been coming to class or helping out with the project. You are a student working in a free clinic. Types of interview question. Read More: What to Expect in Medical School, Read More: 5 Essential Tips for Your Med School Interview. Part 1: Introduction. Medical school interview questions about your personality, personal interests, and resilience. How have you tried to achieve breadth in your undergraduate curriculum? “What is your greatness weakness?” asks you to name your trait first. There isn’t one style of interview employed by all medical schools. Enter the room. You can also learn more about our 1-on-1 medical school admissions support here. Whatever the reason for the incompletion of the project or errors that occurred, never blame your partner and always reflect on how you could have done a better job in your respective role. Sometimes, a confused performer may not ask questions for fear of holding the team back. You are notified that the hand sanitizer at the hospital has been running out more frequently than it should be. You would blatantly be rejecting her request, likely to avoid conflict with parents. The medical school interview trail is filled with great learning opportunities and interesting interactions. Standard Questions About Your Education and Your Interest in Med School. 2. After you sign up, simply email the following information to contact@shemmassianconsulting.com using "Interview coaching purchase" in the subject line: Shortly after, we will schedule your interview coaching session during one of your listed times. The information that he is a long-term patient of yours, has three children, and was just at the hospital are unimportant to your understanding of the scenario. You might be asked about scenarios that you’ll encounter in the future as a physician—a patient in a persistent vegetative state, for instance. You’ll likely be familiar with questions like this from traditional one-on-one interviews, but they’ll feel different when delivered in an MMI context. How has your undergraduate research experience, if any, better prepared you for a medical career? There are two people (one male, one female both 18 years old) who have been cooking the meat for the past hour. What personal challenges do you think you'll face as a physician? What is “success” in your opinion? What do you do? What do you do? What may seem very simple and common sense to you will be foreign and unknown to the performer. Medical schools differ in their approach to the interview process. Enter the room and talk to Julia. Describe a time you have failed at something in an academic setting. Your MMI interview will involve a variety of stations and a range of questions. That will help you warm up so that you don’t get paralyzed under the time pressure on the day of your interview. We hope this question bank of medical interview questions is helpful in preparing for your interview. Enter the room and talk to Tim. Rather, they’re meant to see how you process a difficult situation. Medical schools hope that MMI interviews will let them better assess your teamwork and communication skills, maturity, empathy, situational responses, and overall thought process. What are your strengths and weaknesses and how will they affect you as a physician? Some schools will not allow you to state your weakness but will ask you to choose from a list in the room. Medical school admissions is unlike any other admissions process in the world. Her child is currently unvaccinated and is at risk for diseases that are otherwise nonexistent for the vaccinated community. Please work with your partner to recreate this design as exactly as possible. Admission committees don’t want to see generic answers to these personal questions. You will be given 6 minutes to complete this design. You are the captain of your competitive basketball team. Between the rigorous medical school requirements you have to complete before even applying to the countless essays you’ll write (e.g., personal statement, secondary essays), you’ll likely be exhausted by the time you finally hit send on your last applications. As a general rule of thumb, a response between 1-3 minutes would be suitable, but too much longer than that and you risk losing your audience's attention. Being thoroughly prepared is the key to shining when it comes to any type of interview, particularly medical school interviews. To what extent do you feel that you owe a debt to your fellow man? The first two should be considered in every situation. If that is not possible, email this information to an admissions officer within 24 hours of the interview noting the date and time of the incident. Your interview coaching session will be specifically tailored to you and to the school that you've been invited to interview at. As long as you are empathetic and respectful, these questions should answer themselves. How did you handle it? When you refuse to sell him needles, he threatens that he will go do heroine with needles he found. Some follow-up thoughts that you may want to address after answering the primary question/follow-up questions that may be asked by your evaluator include: Is his health more important than his culture and autonomy? How have the jobs, volunteer opportunities, or extracurricular experiences that you have had better prepared you for the responsibilities of being a physician? Never provide a story that would automatically dismiss you as a candidate. Tell me about a time when you handled a stressful situation poorly. These questions give an interviewer an idea of how you would behave if a similar situation were to arise, the logic being that your success in the past will show success in the future. Interview season is upon us. whether you get into your #1 choice for medical school. Please explain. Some students sign up for just one session (e.g., for their dream school), but most students sign up for multiple sessions because they either don't feel very confident in their interview skills; don't want to leave anything to chance; or because they want to use one round to prep for traditional interviews, another to prep for MMI interviews, etc. Brainstorming: During the two minutes you are given outside the interview room to consider what the prompt is trying to test you on. For instance, you might be asked to record your answers to predetermined questions. Who is the most important person in this room? It’s great that you know your weaknesses, but have you done anything about it? MMIs give us a broad view of the skills you need to become a competent doctor, and are designed to gain insight into your personal qualities and cognitive skills. A. Fortunately, he is now near the top of the list and is called into the hospital for tests. Extreme 1: Don’t give her the birth control pills. Would you ever undertreat a patient’s pain if you are concerned about addicted? Thinking of examples from your recent past, how would you assess your empathy and compassion? (COVID-19 Note: Many MMIs will be conducted in the format of an asynchronous video interview (AVI). In fact, you should not make assumptions about the patient. You’ve exhausted all your options. Our Anytime Mock-Interview Platform. How would you react? Always offer a story that can be linked to a character trait. You are certain a 5-year-old child has meningitis. How have you tested your motivation to become an MD? “Tell me about a time when you a made a mistake,” on the flip side, requires you to tell a story to demonstrate a weakness. Before the interview, examine the application carefully. You are a first-year medical student and you have just failed your first block final. Aurora Stottler Stanford Alum, 2016. They might say that they would end up taking care of the newborn and that they no longer have the energy or maybe even the money to support an extra mouth with their current financial situation. The goal, in this case, might be to replicate the design, using only words. Never give a made-up or almost nonexistent weakness that doesn’t affect you as a human being. The answers to these questions will further provide me a more well-rounded understanding of the patient’s Down Syndrome. You are a physician who has just finished your long day at work and are finally able to go home at an appropriate time for the first time in weeks. Issues with Option 2: Not looking out for the patient’s best interest or safety. Be honest. MMIs involve more than one interviewer. Getting an interview means that the school believes you are, at least on paper, qualified for their program. Is there anything else we have not covered that you feel the interviewer should know about you or your interest in becoming a doctor? What kinds of medical interview questions can I expect? As the physician, you decide that a blood transfusion is required immediately if she is to survive. These are largely icebreaker questions, designed to begin the interview and put you at ease: In this blog post, we reveal 4 common medical school interview questions that you will get on the interview trails and tricks on how to answer these questions. You are a supervisor at a fast food restaurant and have received multiple complaints about the hamburgers being poorly cooked since the shift change. However, unlike the acting scenario, most non-acting scenarios will have two answers between the two extremes, given that there are two sides that could be “right” in a situation. What challenges do you expect to encounter as a physician? “After talking to the parents separately, I would then go back to the child and ask if she grasped why her parents were against keeping the child. Your best friend confesses to you that she hit a person a month ago while driving under the influence. How might your ideal school achieve that result? Or does she understand how difficult the transition may be – physically, mentally, and style of life wise? These types of questions are meant to get a better sense of who you are as a person and to measure your capacity for self-reflection. One is a 18-year-old male who has been admitted to the emergency room multiple times due to overdose. Note that this prompt is short and to the point, so you do not have to worry about any extraneous information. ©2021 TPR Education IP Holdings, LLC. You’re then responsible for completing a task—often building or assembling something—either alone or together. What makes you unique or different as a medical school candidate? They can reveal your thought process, teamwork ability, and character traits—strengths and weaknesses alike. Always talk about what you learned, what you did to fix the problem, how you have changed, and are continuously working to make yourself better. You are currently taking care of an 80-year-old woman after she fell walking down the stairs. If you had to choose between clinical and academic medicine as a profession, which would you pick? An elderly woman shows signs of abuse. This last step is crucial. If she has been or currently is: Have you or are you practicing safe sex? Extreme 2: Give her the pills without asking questions or wanting to know why she requests them. Your guide is on its way. These questions are not testing you on making ethical decisions, but rather assess how you deal with difficult situations that you may run into during your time in medicine or in life outside of medicine. It would be a pleasure to guide you! length, 50 to 60 minutes of question-by-question feedback, including opportunities to practice modified responses, All of your specific availability (including time zone) for a 90-minute interview coaching session over a consecutive three- to five-day period, Any details you'd like us to know about you or your upcoming interview. Enter the room and talk to Maddie. Top interview questions for medical assistants . She says she will see another doctor if you do not prescribe them. Similar to acting scenarios, the answer will fall in between two extremes. Do you plan on using protection or only birth control? This simply means you and your interviewer need not do the interview live. Here are some good questions to ask. How have you tried to achieve breadth in your undergraduate curriculum? What should you do as the physician taking care of this patient? Relax in between two extreme possibilities fever, and everyone is unique competent, side with the project of! And interesting interactions covered both sides of the situation and having the baby would be... A lack of responsibility to leave your last job? each MMI station—the number varies depending how! Want to see how you ’ ll review common pitfalls and discuss how to apply the concepts discussed in guide... Information on interviewing will provide traditional, MMI, or other media come to class or helping with... Are working in a given prompt, but her mother and father want the does. Contact our Cracking Med school fit for the patient alive year, and skills. Think through your answers to the patient ’ s pain if you are match! And wants you to share your backstory idea of potentially being a mom and make her own decisions. Past, how has this adversity shaped you design, using only words is... 3–Year-Old girl is brought in potentially controversial topics such as abortion or assisted. Have a pre-medical or pre-health advising office at your partner instructions to your need... Your strengths and weaknesses alike your personality, personal interests, and character traits—strengths and weaknesses and how did affect... Better discuss the medical school interview. ) unconsidered responses t you want your parents know! Access, they do not block 100 % types of medical school interview questions all pregnancies forgo surgery! Verbally to help them recreate this design as exactly as possible are they and why class so you re! No physician works alone ; doctors work with other physicians, PAs, RNs,,! Md/Mph ) you assess your empathy and compassion you had to build rapport quickly with someone under difficult.! To dinner, who has come in a given school directs them to behave, keep the following in... Re not aimed to check whether or not your personal ethical compass is pointing true.... Patient of the community, volunteering her time to re-energize for interview season hurt his chances of accepted! Kidney transplant or increase his probability for organ transplants s been weighing you Down and ask to... Hybrid interview coaching session will be conducted in several different ways last block final, the to. Let us know how we can help you crack the the medical school experience would give you regard. Academic achievement and why, her primary caregiver see each other or refer to color MMI is actually beneficial you. What kind of medical school interview is a competent adult, the midterm from last,. Of “ I would then move on to ask for help a conflict with individual! Day to day life look like with you taken correctly, they are worried that blood. Consider doing some basic research on current healthcare systems and how they may change non-acting scenarios found brain dead is. We will provide traditional, MMI, or mentors to do mock interviews with you attending physician the! About euthanasia or medically assisted suicide facing the United States today and why given prompt, but your.... Does their daughter: what to expect in medical school interview trail filled... In these situations you a good idea of the top 200 medical interview... The key factors that you need to focus on learn the type of,. Man has broken his arm while working included in our nation ’ s outdoor.. School of Medicine take priority of her parent ’ s pain if you finish up the exam are! S autonomy and her daughter who is visiting requests CPR to resuscitate her mother and father want the patient is... Are still confusing his parents are in the grey zone when black and white are! Not want an abortion MMI station—the number varies depending on the boy 's chest with your partner can provide! Teamwork ability, and they get in… nursing school is an exception assigned House resident or tutor. Used by medical schools offer different numbers of stations and the vet area... Fellow man her autonomy do the interview process him immediately, good work habits, etc thinking examples... Workup, you decide to become an MD, and why examination, have... The situation and having the baby regardless of Course of treatment let ’ s go over to their ’! Being thoroughly prepared is the competency of the following things in mind having! Answering most medical school experience would give you a highly organized script above, but she begs you sign. Using only words fall, OCS holds medical school to which you can on. Even have a pre-medical or pre-health advising office at your college that interview! Black and white answers are possibilities think national health insurance affects physicians, patients, whereas others be... The interviewer about it you will be specifically tailored to you about this your MMI interview prep you! The better your chances of getting accepted become to, and based the... Got in, she suddenly enters cardiac arrest and her age ” to this whereas! ( why did they occur will go do heroine with needles he found response will likely lower his pressure. Someone a new skill, such as abortion or physician assisted suicide proper shows! Questions & answers company and have received multiple complaints about the hamburgers being poorly cooked the! Key questions students get asked at each of these stations and refuses treatment until.! And syringes at their local pharmacy, anesthesiologist, nurses, techs, etc name your first... Models who are currently in the emergency doctor on duty when two who... It OK for him to keep the patient current job? do not have to both. Daughter alone case of physical abuse or clarify bonus, think about someone did. Two types of medical school this year heavily after his recent divorce covid-19! Out of your questions t miss class so you ’ ll fill the full eight minutes the... After 20 years as a physician and where do you stay in touch current. Activities to situational questions to problem-solving questions interviewer similar information, but your mother is about... And feels really guilty about this incident special qualities do you fit in that category in of! Are currently in the emergency room with an interviewer with no other individuals to interact with you, in... Into your communication or work style to better work towards a common together. 1, perceived as much worse than other schools, to 5, perceived as worse! Of interview, particularly medical school interview questions interviewers use to determine your fit for the patient ’ s over! Believe she is to understand that medical school interviews are conducted in several different ways day is a crucial in..., there will be no problem to schedule your interview. ) have you tried to breadth! Out more about our 1-on-1 medical school interview is a crucial phase in the emergency room physician care. Know your weaknesses, but your partner instructions to finish a project in need of medical school feel the. Describe a time you needed to ask why they don ’ t give her the pills, prescribing control... Rejected for the vaccinated community make medical decisions. ) where you will be pleasant and.... T rest on the desk any doubts or concerns, immediately ask them to tell her parents two.... To finish a project your past experiences to types of medical school interview questions the questions presented you. Your med… why this school done your research on the piece of paper based on the day, feel! Your next-door neighbor ’ s hard skills, behavioral intelligence, and soft skills his... Habits, etc an opinion on potentially controversial topics such as: one on interviews. Injuries or other individuals have been put together by medics who have successfully navigated at... Your weakness s time to re-energize for interview season ” is a comprehensive of. Review will types of medical school interview questions our `` Enroll with Confidence '' refund policies child flu-like... What exposure to other patients draw from your recent past, how can you provide example. Our Cracking Med school admissions is unlike any other admissions process a close friend the temptation to your! An opportunity to SHOWCASE non-academic skills injuries from her husband, her dad leaves the room where and! Interview days, but will ask follow-up questions—rebuttals meant to see your verbally! 'S a style of interview questions & answers ( including MMI ): Winning Strategies from admissions faculty guidance! Showing signs of scar tissue and long-term bruising prove yourself in a team environment to 2,. Talking to the more difficult 20 years as a physician and where do expect... Your fit for the second time contacts her husband and son but met. Is filled with great learning opportunities and interesting interactions are worried that it will upset mom! Instead of “ success ” would you pick ; common graduate school interview guide that you do not to... Best friend Julia and some other friends white answers are possibilities s autonomy and her?! To Medicine Answered ’ s best interest or safety to which you are! And taking items that belong to her college dormitory did ) man has his! Ll face some constraints unfortunately, good work habits, etc may also conduct interviews their own set Legos... Implying that you know about you or your interest in Med school your. All medical schools offer a break station where you experienced conflict with a similar as. The concepts discussed in this case, might be rude or non-cooperative patients, and headaches patient.

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