I want to create a widget that will build describe in this photo I already created the meter bar but I still don't know how to add numbers from start to end of bar and a arrow in bottom where place what points you have and with same color above of it One should remember that the Tooltip widget is customizable through its properties but the tooltip property isn’t. One of the ways is by using showcaseview package. Flutter provides a DropdownButton widget to implement a drop-down list. Flutter allows a simple way to implement a drop-down box or drop-down button. Maybe you want to allow the user to touch an area below the overlay without closing the Tooltip? Concept and Copyright by Marcelo Glasberg. Secondly, we create a subpackage list and create list_page.dart in it.It displays a simple list using ListTile. Flutter Tooltip. flutter channel beta flutter upgrade flutter config --enable-web After enabling web for your flutter environment, you can add web to your project by using the below command in your application folder, flutter create . A height is 35 is given to tooltip using is height property. For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation , which offers tutorials, samples, guidance on … MVVM (Model View ViewModel) Architecture Pattern in Android, Material Design Buttons in Android with Example, MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture Pattern in Android with Example, Extended Floating Action Button in Android with Example, runBlocking in Kotlin Coroutines with Example, Material Design EditText in Android with Example. Here's my CSS: