We could have used the template.content directly, but in so doing we would have removed the content from the element and appended to the document’s body later. Hey Laxman, this is a perfectly legitimate strategy and one that makes a lot of sense if you are absolutely certain that you know the path to your styles. See the Pen As you probably know, Angular is all about building UI components. In order to use the template, we will need JavaScript. Custom elements give developers the ability to extend HTML and create their own tags. It’s also worth noting that content within a template is not considered part of the main document. For this example, however, I wanted to make sure that the very basics were covered without getting too deep into the best way to import styles (something I’ll talk more about in the shadow DOM article). Or do they just become additional style and scripts in the document as a whole, subject to the usual cascade rules for the style, and inserted into the same javascript namespace for scripts? The HTML